For the culture, by the culture


No asset is safe from these late-night degens. Without risk, there is no reward and the donkeys don’t have all that much to lose anyways. There is no hierarchy and no rules. These are the Degen Donkeys.

Degen Donkeys

Degen Donkeys are a collection of 420 Degenerates living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each donkey is randomly generated from over 180 possible traits. Your Degen Donkey acts as your ticket into The Culture, as well as the exclusive commercial rights to your donkey.


Genesis Collection

This is a limited supply drop of the first 420 Degen Donkeys ever minted. 

The Culture

Degen Launchpad

Degens stick together which is why we want to assist projects in their infancy by sharing our resources while giving you degenerates the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. It’s a win-win!

Degen Parties

Who doesn’t like to rage? It’s in our blood. By joining The Culture you will have exclusive access to first-of-their-kind IRL parties and festivals.

Degen Perks

Who doesn’t like free shit? Gain exclusive access to raffles for paid vacations, stays at NFT & crypto events, exclusive business networking events, discounts to brands we partner with, and much more.


We like Web3 which is why we’re building a private clubhouse in the Metaverse for all your degenerate desires! Join our virtual live events and get-togethers on our private land. No narcs allowed.


Merch doesn’t always have to look like ass… Get exclusive access to Degen Streetwear, a lifestyle brand focused on onboarding more normies to The Culture.
Get early

Our Roadmap

The Culture of Degeneracy begins. Our Twitter, Discord, and Whitelist will be open for all who seek it.
6969 uniquely generated Degenerate Donkeys will be released onto the Ethereum blockchain and made available for sale in phases starting with our Genesis Collection. Each donkey is created from over 180 traits. Mint price will be 0.0420Ξ + gas. 
The 420 Genesis Collection will be the first phase of supply made available for sale. The genesis collection includes rare properties that only exist within the first 420 Donkeys making these the most valuable Degen Donkeys. Genesis holders will earn x2 $ASS Token, get extra early adopter perks, and receive an exclusive airdrop.
Holding a Degen Donkey earns you $ASS coin. Each holder will accumulate more $ASS each day. Holders start earning $ASS coin immediately. $ASS coin will be made claimable for minimal cost (almost free) or be airdropped to avoid costs associated with earning. $ASS coin will hold no economical value outside of the Degen ecosystem.
20% of our funds will be used to initiate our Community Wallet. The wallet will be used to fund our Metaverse expansion, our grant program, as well as an ass load of raffles and giveaways. This includes all-inclusive vacations and trips to immerse you into The Culture. 

Post sellout, the first limited Degenwear drop will be available to all Degen Donkey holders. Donkeys that are minted wearing our merch will be sent that same piece of merch for free. Each merch collection will have a limited supply and will never be created again. Exclusive shit.

Degenfest. A first-of-its-kind exclusive IRL event held in Miami, Florida. Valuable networking, curated musical experiences, dank food, and much more. Get ready to rage.

The Team


Lead marketing strategist, front-end development, and head of design.


All things backend, web3 integrations, custom contract development.


In charge of public relations, social media, and overall community.


Designer and creator of the donkeys and graphical elements for the brand.


An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a digital product directly attached to a blockchain contract. In other words, a non-duplicatable digital asset with proven ownership. NFTs can be purchased with an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask.

Degen Donkeys are a collection of 6,969 unique, randomly generated degenerates living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs and hosted on IPFS.

You will be able to mint directly from our website using your MetaMask wallet. See our complete guide that we posted on Medium

Are you a degenerate?